Dara Rehab Thailand – THE #1 Rehab Establishment In Thailand


Anyone with addiction issues deserves the best possible treatment. We will look at why Dara Rehab Thailand offers this and a whole lot more.


In for the long haul:

Dara is the longest established luxury rehab resort in Thailand. The founders have suffered from addiction, faced up to it, and put it where it belongs; behind them.

Established in 2008 they have remained true to their word in terms of offering luxurious settings and accommodation, excellent facilities, and above all a fully qualified team of totally committed addiction professionals.

Since opening their doors Dara have gone from strength to strength and are now synonymous with quality overseas addiction treatment at extremely affordable prices.


What’s in a location?

It cannot be stressed strongly enough just how important it is for those with addiction issues to be completely at ease and comfortable with their surroundings. The better they feel, the more likely they are to respond to the counselling and treatment required to help them recover.

To this end Dara Rehab Thailand offer choice with 2 luxury rehab resort locations:

Flagship establishment – Koh Chang (Elephant Island):

Thailand offers many beautiful islands, but few with such complete diversity and beauty as the countries 2nd largest; Koh Chang.

It is situated in the East of the country in the Gulf of Thailand, and if idyllic palm fringed beaches, warm clear waters and an interior brimming with jungle and exhilarating waterfalls appeals then you will struggle to find better.

Sister Establishment – Chanthaburi – ‘The City of the Moon’

Chanthaburi is on the mainland close to Koh Chang and is a calm, pretty, rural town. Held in high regard for its delicious tropical fruits, tasty seafood, wide array of gemstones and some beautiful, quiet beaches along its coastline it is an excellent place for healing.


Comfort and Choice:

Combining these delightful locations with the excellent choice of accommodation offered, and the superb facilities available makes it is very easy to understand why Dara Rehab Thailand remains THE number one option for overseas rehabilitation treatment.

Structured, proven treatment methods laced with respect:

Dara’s approach to healing is innovating and empowering. Every client is treated as an individual and respect from both sides is key to their unique treatment and healing methods.

They have 120 full time staff across the 2 locations with a very healthy proportion being internationally certified therapists. Clients can opt for a 4, 8 or 12 week stay with a unique, no obligation 7 day ‘first steps program’ for those who are initially hesitant as to what rehab life and treatment is all about.

Dara have created 2 trademark treatment methods in the form of ‘Steps to Recovery’ which is a 12-step program and their ‘Integrated Treatment Model’ that incorporates key aspects of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

This treatment is structured to combine physical, social, psychological and spiritual healing through individual and group based activities.

The Dara team are also fully aware that many suffering with addiction have multiple issues to overcome. To this end they offer highly effective Dual Diagnosis Treatment.


Camaraderie and togetherness:

A major fear for those with addiction issues is just how lonely and difficult going through the healing process will be. Those with such fears can lay them to rest while staying with Dara.

Clients come from a wide range of backgrounds and camaraderie with others will quickly be established. Whatever an individual’s addiction problems are, there is a common goal. That is to put their addiction behind them.

This togetherness will be shown during you stay as friendships grow. Support will be offered and given as you all strive for the same goal.


Stimulating outings are all part of the healing process:

Effective treatment and in-depth counselling will fuel a client’s desire to achieve full recovery, and this will be further boosted by the weekly excursions Dara Rehab Thailand include as part of their treatment.

Both locations offer a huge choice of activities that ensure fun-packed and interesting days out. Water based activities blend with jungle excursions, while visits to local landmarks or trying your hand at Thai cooking are all part of the experience.


The icing on the cake – Costs:

Dara’s passionate founders strongly believe that addiction treatment should be available to all who are in need. They understand that prohibitive costs will exclude many from receiving the treatment they desperately need.

To this end they have kept costs to an absolute minimum and two examples are the 7 day ‘first steps recovery’ program that comes in at just US$1,995, and the fact they have subsidized the cost of a 4-week, all-inclusive stay by over 60%.

This means that rather than the standard price of US$ 15,000 this now costs just US$ 4,995.


Committed to Excellence – Committed to Healing:

Dara Rehab Thailand is your perfect partner when it comes to beating addiction issues of any type. Their passion is your healing.

Dara contact details:

Website: www.dararehab.com

Email: enquiries@dararehab.com


Direct to Thailand: +66871407788

Toll-free from:

United States: +18553000594

United Kingdom: +448081687072

Australia: +611800583325

Other International Toll-free Numbers:


DARA’s Addiction Recovery Program

overcome-addiction-daraDARA rehab has a great recovery program for addictions. DARA rehab offers an escalated, powerful program that will be custom-made to your requirements to give you an ideal chance of restraint so you would not be tempted by your addiction again. With a focus on managing the hidden issues of why you utilize medications or liquor in any case, and a promise to show you better adapting attitudes, and a full arrangement of viable instruments to use so that you would be able to forget all about your alcohol or drug addiction, you can walk away of temperance and regain control over your life in the end. You will have a bustling timetable of individual and gathering in a week by week treatment sessions, including coordinated treatment and backslide counteractive action sessions.

The Effectiveness of DARA’s Addiction Recovery Program

dara rehab 7 (too small)-0There are CBT Groups each morning, and an assortment of evening gathering sessions every day. CBT helps you change the way you consider yourself, the world, and other individuals. It likewise helps you see how your activities influence your considerations and emotions and, in this way, how your contemplations and your sentiments influence your activities.CBT will help you change how you think in a subjective way and change what you do in a behavioral way. It will concentrate on the moment with a specific end goal to help you roll out the improvements you need, without delay. CBT can help you understand what may appear to be overpowering by separating it into littler parts. This makes it simpler to perceive how things are associated and how they influence you. How you consider an issue can influence you both physically and inwardly. In any case, in particular, it can influence what you do about it. DARA gets to the bottom of the problem right from the start.